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FCJ-178 Network Affordances: The unpredictable parameters of a Hong Kong SPEED SHOW

Audrey Samson City University of Hong Kong Winnie Soon Aarhus University Introduction Internet-based activities like social communications, money transactions, education, and entertainment are increasingly inseparable from everyday life. Artists work with and within this banal network and explore its affordances to address network technologies, politics, aesthetics, and culture. This paper examines the notion of network […]

FCJ-177 Television Assemblages

Teresa Rizzo University of Western Australia Introduction It is an understatement to say that television and television culture have undergone a dramatic transformation over the last decade. As little as ten years ago typical Australian viewers would sit in front of the television set at a particular time to watch their favourite show. If they […]

FCJ-176 A Skeuomorphic Cinema: Film Form, Content and Criticism in the ‘Post-Analogue’ Era

David H. Fleming University of Nottingham Ningbo, China William Brown University of Roehampton, London In like manner a beginner who has learnt a new language always translates it back into his mother tongue, but he has assimilated the spirit of the new language and can freely express himself in it only when he finds his […]

FCJ-175 Humans at play in the Anthropocene

Troy Innocent Swinburne University of Technology culture arises in the form of play, that it is played from the very beginning. Even in those activities which aim at the immediate satisfaction of vital needs , €“hunting, for instance, €“tend, in archaic society, to take on the play-form. Social life is endued with supra-biological forms, the […]

FCJ-174 Constructing the contemporary via digital cultural heritage

Torsten Andreasen University of Copenhagen The digital cultural heritage archive appeared in the discourse of cultural heritage around the beginning of the new millennium and did so with certain specific goals, €”the digital preservation of and accessibility to cultural heritage should serve global tolerance, strengthen regional and national identity and, finally, inspire entrepreneurial creativity and […]

FCJ-173 Being and Media: digital ontology after the event of the end of media

Justin Clemens University of Melbourne Adam Nash RMIT University Everything is Digital Today, everything is digital and the digital is everything. Surely such a totalising, yet reductive, assertion can’t be right, even if we accepted that it had any sense? What about rocks and stones and trees? The great eighteenth-century literary critic Dr Johnson famously […]

Issue 24: Images and Assemblages

Editorial: Possible worlds It is worth paying attention to images. Picture opening the pages of a neglected book and finding an image of some bland nineteenth century industrial dreamscape with a small black smudge in the bottom left corner. Clues to the future of the world can be found in this microcosm; a sooty mark […]